Apple has posted footage of the memorial for late executive Steve Jobs on its Web site.

The video, recorded on Oct. 19 in Apple headquarters at Cupertino, Calif., features speeches from new Apple CEO Tim Cook, the former longtime COO, and Al Gore, who sits on Apple's board of directors. There are also musical performances from Norah Jones and Coldplay.

The last two weeks for me have been the saddest in my life, by far, said Cook. Steve would have wanted...our focus to return to the work we love so much.

He had the curiousity of a child, and the mind of a genius, said Cook of Jobs.

There are millions of pieces of Steve Jobs' heart out there all over the world. You have helped, in important ways, to create the joy and love that people associate with what Apple does, said former vice president Al Gore, who is also on Apple's board of directors, to the company's employees.

Apple closed its retail stores worldwide for one hour, so employees could view the event. It also has a memorial page on its Web site, which has written reflections of Jobs from Apple customers.

Black and white photographs of Jobs, including one with an early Apple computer model in his lap, were drapped nearby buildings during the event.