Apple may release its next generation iPad 3 later this year with an enhanced A6 processor and this may be the reason behind the delay in the Apple-made tablet’s release.

Previously, Apple’s iPad 2 was powered by the A5 processor that was manufactured by Samsung. Since both companies have fallen over recent lawsuits, Apple is looking for other manufacturing partners.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is reportedly running the trial of a new set of A6 processors. The new chips have been rumored to power the upcoming iPad 3 and iPhone 5, or maybe iPhone 6. If TSMC can produce the chips in large numbers and prove that the company is up for the job, then Samsung may lose its position as the processor manufacturing partner of Apple.

TSMC is the world’s largest independent semiconducter foundry that produces chips on a large scale and may soon replace Samsung as Apple’s processor manufacturing partner.

The iPad 3 is expected to arrive with a new retina display with an improved 2058X1536 pixels resolution. The new tablet is expected to end the problems regarding the additional HDMI cable with an evolved HDMI port and will also have a new SD card slot.