Apple isn't usually mentioned as a frontrunner in the video game industry, but the new iPad could change that. The quad-core graphics enabled device is gearing up to compete with major consoles, according to Reuters.

The sharply upgraded display and speedy processor is pushing Apple to take a different direction with its latest release. In addition to surfing the Web, flipping through e-books and exploring new GarageBand features, Apple's new tablet could provide a solid gaming platform for users.

It is quite easy to imagine a world where an iPad is more powerful than a home console, President of Epic Games Mike Capps said to Reuters. Where it wirelessly talks to your TV and wirelessly talks to your controller and becomes your new console.

Apple's counterpart, Microsoft, is usually the computer and software company tied to the gaming community. The Windows manufacturer is responsible for the Xbox franchise, one of the biggest consoles on the market. PC computers are also utilized for gaming unlike Macs, especially in the RPG and shooter genres. Titles such as Counter Strike, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft and Starcraft are widely-received on the PC.

Gaming industry big shots Epic Games and Namco Bandai made an appearance at Apple's unveiling last week, wowing the audience with the new iPad's faster quad core processor.

But graphic design and speed aren't the only aspects that make Apple a worthy competitor. In terms of sales, the iPad's numbers are quickly catching up to the amount of gaming consoles sold. Reuters reported that 55 million of the tablets were sold to date, with the PlayStation 3 just ahead at 62 million units sold and the Xbox 360 pushing out 65 million units.

I was thinking in this direction a year ago, wondering whether Apple's iPad might not butt in on Nintendo and Microsoft and Sony's turf, wrote Time Techland's Matt Peckham. I'm no longer alone.

Apple flexed its hardcore gaming muscles at their announcement event last week, showing viewers what the new iPad can do with Infinity Blade: Dungeons. The action adventure RPG has been hailed as sporting some the best controls on any Apple device. In addition to offering iOS exclusive titles, gaming heavyweights such as Mass Effect and Dead Space will also be available for the iPad.

But some fans may not appreciate the way their favorite games translate to a tablet medium.

I HATE touch screen for 95 percent of games!!! one user posted on Twitter.

'New iPad plays games'- So f-k, it's still touchscreen, and its games still suck. Give me a controller any day, tweeted another.

Touchscreen controls suck for hard-core games, wrote another user.

But gaming industry executives said that iPad gaming may not be limited to tablets in the future, reported Reuters.

When the iPad gets to the processing power that's equal to an Xbox 360 and it connects to a television, that's no big deal to us, President of Electronic Arts' Labels Frank Gibeau said to the news wire publication. We'll put the game through the iPad and have it display through the television.