The Arab League condemned South Sudan's military aggression in the oil town of Heglig on Thursday.

South Sudanese troops seized control over the border region earlier month, sparking a wave of retaliatory attacks on both sides that some, including the United Nations, fear could escalate into all-out war. South Sudanese President Silva Kiir ordered his army to withdraw from the area, but Sudan has allegedly bombed villages in the south, killing 16 citizens.

However, Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo said on Thursday that Sudan had the right to defend itself from South Sudan's aggression, and called on Juba to respect the current borders, according to the Associated Press.

Notably, Sudan is a member of the Arab League, while South Sudan is not.

Despite weeks of escalating violence, the Arab League condemnation comes while tensions might finally be starting to cool. After war rhetoric spiked earlier this week, officials from South Sudan said on Thursday that Sudan is bowing to international pressure and halting attacks, the AP reported.

They have realized that what they are doing, nobody is happy about it, South Sudan government spokesman Barnaba Marial Benjamin said of Sudan's attacks.

It has dawned on them, they are the ones who declared war, they are the ones calling us insects. I think they are beginning to feel the pressure.