Julia Rose was popular among her male cast members on “Are You the One?” Season 4, visiting the truth booth three times, going on several dates and seemingly ending the show in a relationship with her non-confirmed perfect match Stephen McHugh. However, rumors have been flying since Monday’s finale that she may not have been as single during filming as she let on.

As was reported by the Observer, Julia’s MTV co-star John Humphrey appears to be the first to have accused her of lying about her relationship status on the show. The site unearthed a Twitter post from June in which he wrote that it was “100% true Julia had a boyfriend the whole time she was on the show.” John, one of Julia’s suitors on the dating series, wasn’t the only one to speak out.

Victoria Wyatt, John’s real match, also had some telling comments to share about her cast member. On Aug. 3, she slammed Julia for allegedly lying during her appearance on AfterBuzzTV. “I didn’t kiss anyone because I’m old fashioned,” she wrote, quoting Julia’s comment on the show before continuing, “Does your man know about the hand jobs?” Camille Satterwhite posted a similar comment on Twitter Aug. 8. 

Since the show’s finale, an Instagram account dedicated to exposing Julia has surfaced. Photos on the page @exposingjulia2016 include shots of Julia and her alleged boyfriend, musician and actor Clayton Johnson, together in January and February. Screenshots of Clayton’s tweets from April, while the cast was filming, also has fans speculating Julia may have always been taken. “Only 1 week to go,” Clayton posted April 2, following up the next day, writing, “You’re worth the wait.”

While Julia kissed Stephen on the show, Clayton’s post from July seem to hint they might be back together. “It was an emotional wedding,” Clayton captioned a photo of him and Julia at a swanky affair. “Even the cake was in tiers.” 


Like Julia’s Instagram, Clayton’s Twitter and Instagram pages are now private. Fans can still contact Julia on Twitter @JuliaRose_33.

Stephen has yet to address the drama, only hinting to fans that they will soon know the status of his and Julia’s relationship. 

While it appears “Are You the One?” fans will have to wait to find out about Stephen and Julia, MTV did offer some updates on other Season 4 couples during Tuesday’s reunion special. Find out who broke up and who stayed together HERE