“The Challenge” has seen some changes over the years, more recently the addition of several “Are You the One?” alums into the MTV competition series. While the network has yet to announce a Season 29, we have a feeling there are some worthy candidates from the latest installment of “AYTO?”

Following the Season 4 finale Monday night, here’s seven contestants we would like to see join the show:

Gio —  The Connecticut native has made it no secret he wants to be on “The Challenge.” Gio told International Business Times in June that he thinks he would not only do well on the show, he thinks he could win it all. “I’m not going to bite my tongue about it, I’m not going to hold back. I go on that show, I win. I don’t care who stands in my way,” he said. “Everybody is a target.” While Gio’s temper may work against him on the show, his background as an MMA fighter and his former service in the U.S. Marines probably wouldn’t hurt his cause.

Tori — Not only is Tori comedic relief, she’s also proved she knows how to take charge. Viewers watched she pretty much singly handedly figured out all of the perfect matches in the house. Who’s to say she couldn’t handle a few “Challenge” vets at their own game? “I’d kill ‘The Challenge.’ Slay!” Tori previously told IBT. 

Prosper — His college football past could help him dominate “The Challenge.” The “Are You the One?” star told IBT he wasn’t that familiar with the show, but we have feeling he’d be a shoe-in if he wanted to give it a try. 

Morgan — Too bad #Torgan can’t be “Rivals” because they would make an awesome pair! Morgan is not only physically fit, he’s also hiding a head full of brains, according to his ex. In episode 8, Morgan’s former girlfriend revealed he tends to hide behind muscles. Do we sense a future “Challenge” puzzle master?

Asaf — Heart can take you a long way in “The Challenge” and there’s no denying that’s exactly what Asaf has. It’s not only a deep sense of self the Israel native has to offer, he’s also a professional dancer, so his balance would definitely come into play in a few games. Who is to say Asaf couldn’t make it all the way to a final?

Camille — In the “Challenge” house you need to be able to hold your own, and Camille has definitely proved she can do just that. She was the one who told Gio he needed to dust himself off after his failed romance with Kaylen, and he did eventually get his head back in the game in the end. Another element in her favor? She appears to keep her emotions hidden (other than her breakdown during Gio and Prosper’s battle in the finale), which could also come in handy. 

Stephen — The self-described “master manipulator” could definitey shake things up. With longtime champion and “Rivals 3” winner Johnny Bananas hinting he’s on his way out, Stephen could be just what the show needs. 

Which “Are You the One?” stars would you be willing to watch on “The Challenge”? Sound off in the comments section below!