Love will be in the air on next Wednesday’s installment of MTV’s “Are You the One?” Season 3. After failing, yet again, to find a perfect match in episode 6, the cast will continue to seek out their designated partners in episode 7, titled “Peanut Butter and Jealous.”

Despite crying over the loss of Connor in episode 6, Kayla appears to move on with ease in next week’s episode. “I’m definitely attracted to Mike,” she admits in a sneak peek. “He’s a good looking guy and I know Mike’s attracted to me too… We’re both Italian. It just kind of works.”

Luckily for Kayla, it appears Mike has similar feelings. “I have a small crush on Kayla, 100 percent,” he admits. Mike says he didn’t pursue his feelings for his housemate earlier out of fear of dealing with Amanda’s wrath. “Amanda’s very, very jealous and I don’t want to have to deal with that conversation,” he said.

Despite knowing Mike is not her perfect match, Amanda shows her upset when she learns about her former flame’s new connection. When Amanda sees Mike toying with Kayla by putting an egg in her pants in front of the rest of the house and Kayla retaliating by tossing an egg at his face, she slams them for wasting food.

“There are people in the world that are f---ing starving and you guys are using eggs as a prank,” she complains.

Nelson keeps it real, telling Amanda it is clear she’s not upset over the food waste, but rather Mike’s new connection. “Let’s be real,” he says. “This has nothing to do with eggs.”

Watch Mike and Kayla flirt in episode 7:

Mike’s love triangle might not be the only drama in the house in episode 7. A second sneak peek from Wednesday’s installment reveals Alec and Melanie will go on a date. And unfortunately for Hannah, who Alex hooked up with in episode 6, it appears to go well. After riding horses together, Melanie tells Alec she would be more than happy to go to the honeymoon suite with him.

“Me and Mel have just really hit it off. We’ve connected. There’s an intimate connection between us and the house needs a perfect match right now,” Alec says.

After the two share a steamy kiss, Melanie reveals she thinks she’s found her man. “Kissing Alec definitely makes me believe he is my perfect match,” she says.

Watch Melanie and Alec kiss in episode 7:

While it appears two new connections will be made in episode 7, it doesn’t seem like Kiki will get her happy ending with Devin. After trying to reconcile with her former flame in episode 6 following her dramatic matchup ceremony with Austin, “Devin plays Kiki 4 a fool 2 get her back into his bed,” reveals MTV's episode synopsis. According to the summary, jealousy will also cause “some 2 lose their cool” in the house.

“Are You the One?” Season 3, episode 7, “Peanut Butter and Jealous,” airs Wednesday, Nov. 4, at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.