The quest to find love continued in episode 2 of “Are You The One?” Season 3 Wednesday night. After the premiere’s dramatic matchup ceremony the house was noticeably on edge in episode 2, titled “Can't Buy Me Love." Stacey heads back to the house in tears after Alec’s comments in the matchup ceremony. She reveals she had plans to go for a guy who she felt would treat her right, possibly Hunter. Meanwhile, Kiki gets an apology from Devin for revealing his plans to two-time her and Melanie. Kiki says she wanted to believe Devin, but also doesn't want to played. 

The Challenge

The girls are put to the test in the getaway challenge “Holy S— These Guys Actually Said This Stuff.” The three females to memorize quotes guys in the house had said about themselves fastest earn a date with a guy of their choice. Ultimately, Kiki, Stacey and Melanie win. Melanie chooses Tyler, Stacey chooses Hunter and, much to the surprise of the house, Kiki chooses Devin. 

House Drama

Several couples start to form in the house. Hannah gets emotional during a talk with Chuck after he compliments her on her looks. After calling her one of the prettiest girls in the house, she questions if that was the only reason he had feelings for her. Mike, whose nickname is Magic Mike, shows off his stripper moves to the ladies in the house, upsetting Amanda. The next morning Mike apologizes for his actions. Meanwhile, Tyler bonds with Rashida over their love for music and Connor and Kayla connect over their shared desired traits in a potential partner. 

Truth Booth

While the three couples go out on their date, the rest of the house deliberates about who to send into the truth booth. The entire house, sans Amanda, decides to vote in Kiki and Devin. Despite Kiki and Devin being confident that they are meant to be, the truth booth deems that they’re not a perfect match. Despite finding out they’re not meant to be, the duo refuses to part ways.

“I played the game with my heart I thought. Devin still has my heart,” Kiki says. “I’m not going to change how I feel about Devin. I can’t make myself not like him anymore.”

Matchup Ceremony

After getting to know each other better, the house goes into the matchup ceremony confidant they will be one step closet to the $1 million grand prize. Despite their confidence, episode 2’s matchup ceremony results in no perfect matches and a complete blackout. With this season’s new twist, that means $250,000 of the grand prize is eliminated. As expected, the house kis not happy with the turnout.

“You guys had one job to find your perfect matches and you failed. The penalty for that is huge. You all just lost a quarter-million dollars,” host Ryan Devlin says. “You have a long way to go. Look inside your hearts. Your perfect match is here, you just need to find them.”

Here’s who chose who in episode 2’s matchup ceremony:











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