Last week’s installment of “Are You the One?” Season 3 resulted in a perfect match, but the cast of the MTV series was not thrilled with the outcome of their latest matchup ceremony at the start of episode 6. After finding out there were only two perfect matches present -- one being Connor and Chelsey -- they express their concerns to one another. Austin has a solution for their problem, saying he thinks they should start picking their weekly matches using strategy, not their feelings. 

While some members of the house talk strategy, others use their time to connect with their potential matches. Chuck and Kiki, who sat together during episode 5’s matchup, begin to bond. Meanwhile, Connor and Chelsey enter the fantasy suite. Chelsey jokes they will be the only couple that makes it out of the house. Kayla cries over Connor’s absence, saying she feels the house is empty without him there.

The Challenge

The guys in the house are put to the test in a puzzle competition. Host Ryan Devlin announces two men will win a getaway date but that the overall winner will score an “extra special experience.” Going into the challenge, Alec says he wants to win a date with Stacey. Austin says he wants to get to know Kayla now that Connor is gone. Chuck continues to set his sights on Kiki.

Ultimately, Chuck wins first place and is told he will be taking Kiki on a helicopter tour over Hawaii. Austin places second and his puzzle reveals he will be going out with Cheyenne. Devlin reveals they will be going out for ice cream on a low-key date. But that's not all! After the challenge, Devlin says he wants to help the house make some new connections. Much to their excitement, he reveals everyone will be going to an all-night lover’s luau party. 

The Dates

Kiki says her date with Chuck, which had the pair flying over volcanoes and waterfalls, was the best she’s ever been on. Kiki says for the rest time since meeting her former flame Devin, she was feeling “butterflies" and hopes she and Chuck are sent into the truth booth. Chuck says if they’re revealed to be a perfect match, he plans to kiss her. 

While Kiki and Chuck hit it off, Austin and Cheyenne struggle on their date. Austin reveals he’s had a hard time opening up to the women in the house. Cheyenne tells him he needs to step out of his comfort zone. “He seems a little, like, not my type,” Cheyenne later admits.

Lover’s Luau

Despite his plan to connect with Cheyenne during the surprise lover's luau, Zak finds himself flirting with Hannah. Zak calls her the “most beautiful girl in the house.” Hannah has similar feelings, calling Zak “attractive” and commenting on their chemistry. The two eventually find themselves kissing in the ocean. 

Watch Zak and Hannah hit it off in episode 6:

Kiki and Chuck continue their romance. When Devin sees Kiki dancing with her potential match, he admits he’s jealous over her new connection. After bonding with Kiki, Chuck sets his sights on his former flame Britni, who was proven not to be his perfect match in episode 4. When Kiki sees Chuck kissing Britni, she breaks down. Back at the house, Kiki and Chuck try to work out their issues. Chuck says he was unaware how deep Kiki's feelings were. When Kiki says his actions embarrassed her, Chuck walks away. 

"You’re clearly not my match," Kiki says. "You’re not an adult at all."

Fresh off Chuck’s rejection, Kiki tries to get back into Devin’s good graces. Devin shuts down her advances, saying she was dishonest with him for getting to know Chuck. 

Truth Booth

After her fight with Chuck, Kiki hopes she does not get voted into the truth booth. Unfortunately for her, that’s exactly what transpires. When Kiki and Chuck are not revealed to be a perfect match, Devin reacts by flipping over a table. When Kiki goes to speak to him about his upset he tells her he's unhappy being in the game.

Watch Devin voice his upset to Kiki in episode 6:

Matchup Ceremony

Ahead of episode 6’s matchup ceremony, the boys in the house get together to discuss strategy. Austin comes up with a plan to switch up the usual couples to ensure the house doesn’t blackout and lose another $250,000 of their $750,000 prize money. When the boys implement their strategy during the ceremony, picking their pre-decided matches instead of going with their hearts, the girls in the house take notice. Austin worries that if his plan doesn’t work, the house will not longer consider working with strategy. Ultimately, only three beams of light are revealed.

Here’s who chose who in episode 4:

Connor-Chelsey (confirmed)










“Are You the One?” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.