He will be back, indeed. Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous line from The Terminator, turns out to be prophetic.

The former Governor of California tweeted Thursday that he plans on returning to Hollywood.

Exciting news. My friends at CAA [Creative Artists Agency] have been asking me for 7 years when they can take offers seriously. Gave them the green light today, he tweeted.

After wrapping up his two terms as governor, rumors surfaced of whether the Austrian-born body-builder turned actor would seek higher office. In the past Schwarzenegger said that he would run for president if foreign-born citizens were allowed.

It seems like he'll stick with making movies. Schwarzenegger took some small parts in films throughout his governorship, including the 2004 remake of Around the World in 80 Days, and The Expendables.

While Schwarzenegger is best known for his Terminator films, he has started in non-action filled movies including Twins with Danny DeVito, Kingergarten Cop, and Junior.

The 63-year-old is aware of the limitations in roles brought by his age.

In the future I have to adapt my roles to my age, he told an Austrian newspaper. Clint Eastwood also has done it in the same way. Extreme fighting or shooting is not possible anymore. I want to be more encouraged as an actor and I believe that I can manage this challenge. I am like a sponge, which is absorbing all the knowledge and always be willing to learn all new things.