'Terminator' star Arnold Schwarzenegger's career graph seems to have come to a halt with his recent paternity scandal. Schwarzenegger's representatives said on Thursday that he was putting his projects on hold.

Schwarzenegger, 63, considered among the most important figures in the history of bodybuilding, is best known in Hollywood for his Terminator series and many other award winning performances, has split with his wife Maria Shriver after it was revealed that he had a son from their house staff member Mildred Baena. The actor, who was elected the governor of California, has his entertainment career crashing down with the recent scandals.

The producers of The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger's animated television series, have suspended the program on the planned series, where Arnold Schwarzenegger himself plays a super hero fighting crime with family duties.

In light of recent events, A Squared Entertainment, POW, Stan Lee Comics and Archie Comics have halted production, the company said in a statement. A comic book was also supposed to be published based on the series.

According to the LA Times, The Governator inspired by Arnold's role in Terminator casts Schwarzenegger as a superhero who leads a double life that includes being a devoted family man who has to remember his anniversary, his kids' birthdays in subplots that are milked for comedy, tension and conflict.

QED International sold foreign rights to his film Cry Macho, which was scheduled to begin production Aug. 24 in Cannes, the Hollywood Reporter said.

Schwarzenegger was supposed to have received 12.5 million plus 25 percent of first dollar gross for the film. He is not expected to return to the entertainment soon, the report said.

Even though Arnold had not played a very big role in the recent past, the industry was welcoming him and ready to pay him good money.

The company said it made its decision after Schwarzenegger said Thursday that he was putting his upcoming movie projects, including Cry Macho and a Terminator sequel, on hold to focus on his personal life, the LA Times reported.

The cheating-on-wife allegations and parenting scandal may give Arnold some break-time for now.