Some baseball closers pump their fist when they finish a game. Others point their finger to the sky.

Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman prefers a somersault.

Not one, but two somersaults, as Chapman performed Tuesday night when he clinched a 4-3 Reds win against the Milwaukee Brewers before high-fiving catcher Ryan Hanigan. 

Chapman's double somersault has lit up the Internet, where the Chapman's acrobatics was uploaded to YouTube. Video of the somersaults can be viewed below.

Reds manager Dusty Baker was none too pleased about the somersaults, and some observers believe Chapman was showing up the Brewers with his acrobatics.

Baker told Cincinnati Enquirer sports writer Tom Groeschen that Chapman's actions had been addressed.

It's over with, Baker told Groeschen. It won't happen again, ever.

On Twitter, Chapman's somersaults have become a popular subject among baseball writers and enthusiasts of the sport.

I'm surprised Aroldis Chapman didn't chase that double somersault with some duck, duck goose, wrote sports talks show host Jim Rome. I'm guessing that violates their sacred code?

Literally can't stop laughing at Aroldis Chapman's awkward, post-save, double somersault. Awesome, said Los Angeles Angels beat writer Alden Gonzalez.

Andy McCullough, a writer who covers the New York Mets, said this about the Champan double somersault:

Very upset by Aroldis Chapman's actions last night. It doesn't offend me as a baseball purist. It offends me as a gymnast.

Mets fan D.J. Short said the somersaults were some of the most bizarre antics in baseball.

Can we agree that Aroldis Chapman's somersaults weren't offensive as much as they were just plain weird? he asked.

Some baseball fans thought the antics went overboard.

Aroldis Chapman, why would you do some somersaults after completing the save? asked user Blake Rudolph. It's you're freaking job to do that #unnecessary.

Had it not been for Chapman and his somersaults, the talk of the Reds-Brewers game might have been about the performance of Reds pitcher, Bronson Arroyo, whose bid for a no-hitter was broken up in the eighth inning of the game.

The Brewers wound up rallying and Arroyo did not even come out of the game with a win.

After a gem like that, a no-decision is terrible, Arroyo said, according to