It almost seems preposterous to suggest Arsenal will be the underdog at Emirates Stadium, but that will be the case on Sunday.

The Gunners will be facing Manchester United, the favorites to win the Premier League, and perhaps the Champions League.

Watching this match with great curiosity will be Carlo Ancelotti. Chelsea have made an improbable run in the last few weeks, and the defending champions will be playing Manchester United at Old Trafford on May 8th with the hopes of sharing the Premier League table lead. 

Arsenal faithful are already looking forward to next season, with the intention of landing a coveted central defender and striker. But there is still a lot of talent on this current Arsene Wenger squad.

The Gunners must feel that the worst is behind them after a collection of injuries. They recently received good news that central defender Thomas Vermaelen is nearly fully fit. Wenger has already stated the Dutch star won't be in the starting 11, but the fact that he's back playing after eight months of inactivity is at least a hopeful start.

Manchester United will be Arsenal's last difficult opponent of the season. With the threat of being overtaken by Manchester City, Arsenal will continue to play hard the rest of the way.

Arsenal has played with a black cloud over their heads this season, but it's possible the worst is behind them, and a winning-streak in their remaining four matches is in the cards.

Manchester United, on the other hand, are brimming with confidence. They're healthy, and playing well as a unit.

The Red Devils want a win at Emirates Stadium, and there's no tactical reason they shouldn't come away with three points.

But there is something to be said for this Arsenal team. They are better club then their record indicates, and a boisterous North London crowd wants a positive memory going into the off-season.

Look for Arsenal's midfield to give up on trying to set up a perfect goal, and take more shots. Arsenal should know that the central defense of Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand will easily clear any silly attempts to split through the middle with short passes.

Instead, Arsenal should rely on Alex Song, Gael Clichy and Theo Walcott to exploit the wings, and have Patrice Evra and Rafael on their heels.

Arsenal will need to avoid giving up set-piece situations, which has been a thorn in their side this season. In the December match at Old Trafford, Arsenal gave up 17 fouls, and had four yellow cards. There should be less in both categories this time around.

Manchester United has many ways to score, and may use a counter-attack method. Arsenal's defense has been shaky this season to say the least, and with Wayne Rooney in top form, and Javier Hernandez proving he's among the best young scorers in the world, it won't be hard for the Red Devils to convert on their chances.

The most important player of the match might be Ji-Sung Park. The South Korean midfielder is a workhorse, and he is capable of weaving into areas to create openings for Rooney and Hernandez.

Expect Anderson to be more active than usual, as well.

Prediction: Arsenal get on the board due to Samir Nasri's playmaking skills, and Robin van Persie's finishing ability. But Manchester United come storming back, thanks to Anderson and Park. This will be a very fast-paced match, and an entertaining one.

FINAL SCORE PREDICTION: Arsenal 2, Manchester United 2