Asus took dead aim at the iPad with its Transformer Prime launch, but with the Transformer Pad Infinity now unveiled, the Taiwanese company has the best chance yet deliver the killer blow to the iPad 3. Apple has sold more tablet computers than just about every other manufacturer combined, so any new device that comes out inevitably gets compared to the iPad. Indeed, the Transformer Prime shaped up to be just the device to convince buyers to try and Android device over the iPad, but it was plagued with performance issues like poor Wi-Fi, GPS and bluetooth signal reception.

Now Asus is ready for 2012 with its new Transformer Pad Infinity (formerly the Prime TF700). An HD tablet with the features and build quality to not only beat the iPad, but to make a real name for themselves outside the PC and hobbyist world. With Steve Jobs no longer in charge at Apple, all it will take is one misstep on the Cupertino based giant's part to make room for Asus. Asus has done its part, and unlike Apple, it has multiple devices coming out in 2012. In fairness, we are hearing rumors about an eight-inch iPad, but even that won't be enough to stop Asus. Start the slideshow to see 10 reasons why. Let us know in the comments if you think Asus will be the company to top Apple.

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