That water bottle you're drinking out of right now and will throw in the recycle bin later - oh, you better throw it in the recycle bin - could be put to more renewable use.

On Monday, AT&T announced, as part of an ongoing effort to produce more sustainable and renewable devices, that it would release a back-up battery charger made up partially of plastic from recycled water bottles.

Twenty-five percent of the plastic in the back-up battery charger of the Motorola P793 will be composed of recycled post-consumer water bottles, the company said in a release Monday. The charger will also power off once the phone is fully charged in an effort to reduce wasted energy.

We're pleased to expand our portfolio of products with the Back-Up Battery Charger, said Michael Woodward, vice president of the consumer wireless device portfolio of AT&T, in a release. We're passionate about providing quality options to customers as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability. 

The charger is compatible with most USB devices. It's part of AT&T's intention to implement more sustainable and renewable devices in its products. This is the first Motorola Mobility power product or accessory that has been built with 25 percent post-consumer recycled plastic.

AT&T recently said it would implement new plastic in AT&T brand accessory packaging. In 2010, AT&T took one of its first biggest steps in its initiative when it introduced the ZERO charger, which, like this back-up charger, shuts itself off when the battery is fully charged.

In addition to its 25 percent composition of post-consumer recycled water bottles, the Motorola P793 back-up battery charger contains no brominated flame retardants, polyvinyl chloride and phthalates.

The device is the first sold by AT&T that has been certified CarbonFree by, which strives to reduce carbon footprints of individuals, businesses and organizations.