The search for missing baby Lisa Irwin continues as new surveillance footage obtained by ABC shows a man emerging from a wooded area near the family's home the night the infant went missing.

The video, a Good Morning America exclusive, shows a man walking out the woods at approximately 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 4, shortly before Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin reported baby Lisa was missing, just before Irwin's arrival home from work. The footage also complements the accounts of three eyewitnesses who claim to have seen a baby matching Lisa Irwin's description on the night of her disappearance.

One witness named Mike Thompson told ABC that he saw a man that evening in a T-shirt at 4 a.m. carrying a baby wearing only a diaper, though Bradley says Lisa went to sleep wearing a purple shirt and shorts. Thompson delayed telling police because he did connect the sighting of the man to baby Lisa's disappearance.

Similarly, an anonymous couple saw a similar person wearing a t-shirt walking with a baby near the Bradley-Irwin home in Kansas City a few hours prior.

It was shocking because I couldn't imagine anybody outside walking with their baby in the cold like that with no clothes on, the woman told ABC News.

Since the disappearance on Oct. 4, authorities obtained a warrant on Oct. 17 to investigate the home of Irwin and Bradley, who had a few drinks the night her daughter went missing.

Court documents released Friday show a multicolor comforter, purple shorts, a Disney character shirt, a Glo Worm toy and a Cars-themed blanket, among other items, were removed from the home to be kept as evidence.

In addition, an FBI cadaver dog was thrown into the mix and according to reports, the dog found the scent of a deceased human in Bradley's bedroom, though the family's lawyer Cyndy Short said dogs are not 100 percent accurate.

My understanding is that there are cold cases where dogs have hit on scents of decomposition that have been in the home for as long as 28 years, Short said on Good Morning America on Saturday. This is an old home. Sixty-three years old. There could be a lot of other explanations for that.

The disappearance of baby Lisa Irwin has taken the media by storm, particularly revolving around Bradley, who admits to have been drinking heavily when she put Lisa to bed around 10:30 p.m.

Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin claim the 11-month-year-old mysteriously disappeared from their home either early on Oct. 4 or late on Oct. 3 sometime before Irwin returned from work at 4 a.m. Baby Lisa's parents says they searched the home the next morning, only to find the front door unlocked, a window opened, the lights on and three cell phones missing.

While police currently do not have any major suspects in the case, the new footage which matches claims from witnesses provides a new lead in the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin.

Police are also investigating a fire in a nearby dumpster, near the landfill authorities searched, that took place around the same time in vicinity of the Irwin-Bradley home, which could possibly explain why burnt clothes were shown to Lisa's parents while being questions.