Holy drama! “Bachelor in Paradise” episode 2B ended on a jaw-dropping note when Clare had a meltdown before handing out her rose. Monday’s installment of the ABC reality series left viewers with a “To be continued” screen ... but everything will be resolved on Sunday in episode 3A!

The synopsis for Sunday’s episode teases that host Chris Harrison will try to “help Clare from making an irrational decision.” Fans will remember that she was debating going home after failing to find love in Week 2. However, it sounds like Chris Harrison has hope for the “Bachelor” alum.

And that’s not the only drama left over from last week. Juelia still has to hand out her rose, and she’s torn between Joe, Jonathan and Mikey. Will she follow her heart and give her rose to Joe? Or will Mikey’s warning about the contestant sway her decision?

After the rose ceremony, those who remain will welcome a new cast member to “Paradise” – Samantha from Chris Soules’ season of “The Bachelor.” Samantha will arrive with a date card and ask Joe out, who gladly accepts. Unfortunately this leaves Juelia upset -- especially when things start to heat up between the two during their sexy one-on-one date. The other contestants feel that Joe “manipulated Juelia to give him her rose” and want him to “smooth things out” with the single mom. But Joe has no regrets. He made it clear last week that he was waiting for Samantha. However, this hiccup might ruin things with his new ladylove.

“Bachelor in Paradise” viewers also can look forward to more Carly and Kirk as the two finally get to go out on a date. But things aren’t’ going too well for Ashley S. Although she’s crazy for Dan, he reveals that he has “serious doubts about their relationship.”

Finally, another alum from Chris’ season of “The Bachelor” will arrive – Megan! The blond beauty is armed with a date card and asks out JJ for a romantic night.

“Bachelor in Paradise” episode 3A airs on ABC Sunday, Aug. 16, at 8 p.m. EDT.