Monday night’s episode of “Bachelor in Paradise” had to have been brought to you by Kleenex … because Mexico was flooded with tears from cast members. Episode 2B picks up the morning after Jared caused mass chaos by inviting Clare out on his one-on-one date in episode 2A. But while things seem calm on the surface, trouble is brewing underneath.

Jared, Clare And Ashley I. Love Triangle

Jared and Clare enjoy a romantic afternoon on a sailboat as they cuddle and get to know each other better. However, that’s not the full extent of their date. Their sailboat is taking them to go bungee jumping over the ocean.

Clare is brought to tears at the thought of jumping, but Jared reassures her with a kiss. And that’s exactly what she needs to get strapped to her man and pushed off a ledge. She screams and makes weird panting noises before telling the cameras that she really liked the “vibrations.” Super weird.

Meanwhile at the house, Ashley I. is icing her face and crying to the cameras about how “Paradise” feels more like “hell.” She accuses Clare of using her “voodoo boy magic” and “sex appeal” to steal Jared from her. On top of that, she can’t stop talking about how much older Clare is than Jared.

Things only get worse when Clare returns from the date and gushes to the other girls about how well things went. Ashley overhears and gets upset. She begins crying again, telling the cameras that she doesn’t want to hear Clare talking about it.

“I feel atrocious inside,” she continues. “I don’t want to hear Claire and her storytelling … worst experience of my life.”

Fortunately for Ashley I., things take a turn when Clare pulls Jared aside to talk later. She wants to discuss the future, but Jared drops a bombshell -- he’s uncomfortable with their eight-year age difference.

The Joe And Juelia Situation

Elsewhere, Juelia is excited about her blossoming romance with Joe. But what she doesn’t realize is that Joe is still talking about meeting Samantha from Chris Soules’ season of “The Bachelor.” He keeps avoiding her, but she’s not grasping that he’s just using her to get a rose.

Since Mikey is on the outs for a rose, he decides to swoop in on Juelia. He tells her that they could be a really good fit, but Juelia’s not interested. When he tries to kiss her she laughs and pushes him away.

Tenley And Her Three Guys

Finally, Tenley finds herself in a love square when Michael G. of Desiree Hartsock’s season of “The Bachelorette” shows up. Although she already developed relationships with JJ and Joshua, she takes Michael G. up on his date offer when he confesses that he joined “Bachelor in Paradise” to meet her.

“She’s an elevenly,” Michael G. tells the cameras of Tenley.

Michael G. is a Notre Dame educated corporate lawyer, so JJ and Joshua are intimidated and pretty worried that Tenley might fall for him. There is nothing that Joshua can do about that, so he simply says that he’s going to “wish diarrhea” upon Michael G.

Tenley and Michael G. enjoy a beautiful dinner on the water before being joined by a 100-piece mariachi band. “You were my plan A,” he tells her in one of the most romantic moments of the reality show. “There was no plan B.”

Tenley is honored that he came on the show for her … but is that enough for Michael G. to get her rose?

Pre-Rose Ceremony Cocktail Drama

Jonathan tells Juelia that Joe is not on “Bachelor in Paradise” for right reasons, but Juelia is not buying it. However when Mikey tells her the same thing, she starts to get confused. In order to clear things up, Juelia decides to confront Joe about what she’s heard. Joe manages to sweet talk her, and then proceeds to tell someone off camera that he wants to attack Mikey with brass knuckles and pound Jonathan’s face. But instead of getting violent, Joe makes Jonathan and Mikey his “b-----s.” Both Mikey and Jonathan end up apologizing to Joe and Juelia, and Jonathan even ends up in tears over throwing his friend under the bus.

Elsewhere, Jared is trying to cozy back up to Ashley I. after messing things up with Clare. He tells her that she’s trying to find out where his emotions are and what kind of connections he has. To Ashley I’s surprise, he tells her that he wants to get to know her better … and then swoops in for a kiss!

But the most jaw dropping moment comes when Clare has a meltdown and gives a speech about coming on “Bachelor in Paradise” to find love, not to play games. She accuses everyone of not being as serious about making connections as the Season 1 cast. But the group honestly has no idea what she’s talking about. They think she’s just throwing a fit because things aren’t going her way.

The Rose Ceremony

It’s finally time for the episode 2B rose ceremony, but before things can begin, Jade asks host Chris Harrison if she can say something first. She addresses Clare and tells her that she found her outburst earlier offensive. Jade explains that not only is she on “Bachelor in Paradise” to find love, but that everyone she’s come to know is also there for the same reason. “I’m not sure where that was coming from,” she tells her.

Clare’s response? “If the shoe fits, wear it.”

Carly hands her rose to Kirk, Ashley S. gives hers to Dan, and Jade continues her relationship with Tanner. When it comes to Tenley, she finally chooses between Joshua, JJ and Michael G. So, who does she hand her rose to? Joshua! Poor Michael G. is left with a surprised look on his face. Before the rose ceremony can continue, Clare has a breakdown and walks out. She’s sobbing over not having someone to hand a rose to, but no one feels bad for her.

“Somebody wants attention,” someone chimes in.

Episode 2B of “Bachelor in Paradise” ends with a “To Be Continued …” screen before everyone can finish handing out their roses.