Ready for another night in “Paradise”? ABC’s hit summer reality show, “Bachelor in Paradise,” returned Sunday for another night of love and drama. Episode 2A introduced new cast members, and put the power in the hands of the women.

Episode 2A kicks off with Lauren pouting about getting a free vacation in Mexico. She’s got a bad attitude and it shows when she distances herself from the others in the group.

“This is my personal hell,” she tells the cameras, explaining that she’s “sweaty,” “hot” and around people all the time.

But there is one chance at turning her frown upside down – Joshua from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of “The Bachelorette.” Lauren’s got a huge crush on the alum and is hoping for a chance to fall in love with him in “Paradise.” However, she drops a bombshell on the others – she’s “kind of” got a boyfriend at home.

“I’m kind of the mistress,” she tells some of the guys. Her beau isn’t married, so she decided to come to “Paradise” to see what other options were out there. And fortunately for Lauren, her “other option” arrives!

Joshua shows up with a date card, and everyone is happy to see him – except JJ. The two have bad blood that stems from “The Bachelorette.” Joshua is looking forward to getting to know some of the women in “Paradise,” but Ashley I. pulls him aside before he gets a chance to talk to anyone. She tells him that her sister has a huge crush on him and was waiting for him to arrive. Ashley I. thinks that she put a good word in for Lauren, but unfortunately Joshua doesn’t seem to be interested. Instead, much to JJ’s dismay, Joshua cozies up to Tenley!

Joshua asks Tenley to go on the one-on-one date with him, and she accepts – causing Lauren to have a meltdown. When she finds out she packs her bags, leaving Ashley I. crying over her departure. But Ashley I. is the only one that will miss Lauren. Nobody even cares she’s going.

After Lauren leaves, Joe arrives. With seven girls and nine guys in the house, that means that two men will be sent packing during the rose ceremony. But who will it be? JJ’s not nervous about getting sent home even though Tenley is out on the town with Joshua.

JJ insists that Joshua doesn’t have "game," however Tenley seems to think so. The two really hit it off on their date and appear to have a strong connection. Still in denial, JJ whisks Tenley away when she gets back from her date. He kisses her and Tenley kisses him back – but when JJ goes to sleep she continues her night with Joshua.

Meanwhile, Joe isn’t making a great first impression. The guys that were on “The Bachelorette” told everyone that Joe was hilarious and the life of the party, however he’s the exact opposite of that when he arrives. In fact, he even ends up insulting Clare by saying it’s “terrible” that this is her second time on “Bachelor in Paradise.”

But Juelia’s not turned off by his behavior. She kind of invites herself on his horseback riding date, and Joe accepts. This definitely throws off Jonathan, who admits to the cameras that he could see himself falling in love with Juelia. The feeling doesn’t appear to be mutual though. She explains to Jared that she hasn't connected with anyone yet, and wants to return home to her daughter instead of dragging this thing out.

Juelia and Joe go horseback riding for their date, and it looks like they really hit it off. The two kiss and everything. Juelia is on cloud nine when she returns, but a producer’s secret conversation with Joe sheds new light on their relationship. As Juelia breaks things off with Jonathan, Joe confesses that Juelia is not the right person for him. He tells the producer that the kiss wasn’t good and that he just wants her rose so that he can wait around for Samantha of Chris Soules’ season of “The Bachelor” to arrive.

Elsewhere, Tenley’s fairytale romance with Joshua also takes a turn. Dan and Mikey pull her aside and reveal that Joshua’s been bragging about his “partying” and experience with drugs. Tenley decides to confront him about it, and becomes super confused about what to do. Joshua explains that he did Molly one time while at a bachelor party and that he doesn’t live a party lifestyle. She believes he’s telling the truth … but is also afraid that she’s making a mistake with him.

Finally, episode 2A concludes with Jared getting a date card. Ashley I. thinks that she’s going to get invited, but Jared surprises everyone by inviting Clare. This causes both Mikey and Ashley I. to storm off. Ashley I. cries to the other girls while Mikey yells at Clare about being disrespected. Looks like Jared’s the new “master villain” on "Bachelor in Paradise."