Can Joe turn his time on “Bachelor in Paradise” around? After last week’s dramatic breakup between Joe and Samantha, the cast member was left moping around the beach. But his luck may change in episode 5A on Sunday.

Monday’s episode concluded with Samantha accepting a date card from newcomer Justin. However, the synopsis for episode 5A teases that she’ll have a “change of heart.” Although she initially accepted a date with Justin, she ultimately ends up canceling her plans with him to pick things back up with Joe.

So, where does that leave Justin? There are plenty of other women on “Bachelor in Paradise” to choose from. Justin will pursue a relationship with Amber, who went out with Dan last week. Amber is definitely more interested in Dan than Justin, but her uncertainty in their relationship leads her to accept a date with the new cast member.

But Justin won’t be the only new face stirring up trouble in “Paradise” this week. Chris Bukowski, who appeared on Season 1 of the reality show last year, returns to Mexico for a second shot at love. While fans know that Chris can be charming, he doesn’t make a good impression with the rest of the cast members. The episode description reveals that after a day full of drinking, Chris will get the courage to ask out Tenley. Unfortunately for him, Tenley’s more interested in keeping sparks flying with Joshua. And in a bold move, Joshua asks Chris for his date card! With no one to go out with, Chris hands it over, giving Tenley and Joshua an opportunity for another romantic night out.

Of course, fans can expect even more drama during the rose ceremony. This week the women have the power in their hands, and despite Jared dumping Ashley I. last week, the bachelorette still wants him. She’ll have competition though, as Amber shows interest in him. Meanwhile, viewers might see an explosion when Dan makes it “his mission” to show Samantha the real Joe.

Who will get sent home? Fans won’t want to miss “shocking decisions” and a “surprise departure” in the episode 5A rose ceremony.

“Bachelor in Paradise” Season 2, episode 5A will air on ABC on Sunday, Aug. 30, at 8 p.m. EDT.