“Paradise” is starting to look like hell for a couple of contestants. Episode 4A of “Bachelor in Paradise” continued with the Joe, Samantha and Juelia drama from last week. Everyone in the house is Team Juelia after the stunt Joe pulled, but the real test of friendship and love will come during the rose ceremony.

Cocktail Party

During the cocktail party, Joe and Samantha decide to come clean to everyone about their relationship prior to the show. They explain that they exchanged a couple of messages on Instagram, but refuse to cop to anything else. That still doesn’t make the situation any better with the other cast members, and JJ decides that in order to make things better he’ll give Juelia his rose.

JJ tells Juelia about his plan, but Juelia doesn’t want JJ to give up a shot at love to save her. She thanks him, and puts her fate on “Bachelor in Paradise” in her own hands. With nothing left to lose, she explains everything that happened with Joe to host Chris Harrison.

“I wanted a fair chance at love,” she tells him, revealing that she regrets not giving Mikey her rose. She wants to get Mikey back to see if they have a connection … but can Chris Harrison deliver?

Episode 4A Rose Ceremony

Unfortunately for Juelia there is no avoiding the rose ceremony. Joshua is up first and gives his rose to Tenley. Jared goes next and gifts Ashley I. with his rose. Kirk gives his to Carly, followed by Tanner, who asks Jade to accept his rose. JJ, the real wild card of the night, leaves everyone on the edge of their seats with who he’s going to choose. Ultimately his decision surprises everyone … he decides to save Ashley S!

JJ explains that he was going to give his rose to Juelia, but that she told him not to. Instead he decided to save Ashley S. But he has no plans to stick around and wait for love to strike again. JJ reveals that he actually broke up with someone to join “Bachelor in Paradise” and wants to go home to win her back.

With JJ out of the picture, the rose ceremony continues. Joe steps up to the plate and of course hands his rose to Samantha. That leaves Dan with the final rose. Clare, Juelia, Amber and Megan remain, but Dan can only save one. In a surprise move, Dan decides to take a minute to himself. He asks if he could pull Carly aside to break down his important decision. When he walks back to the ceremony he decides to go with his heart and save his potential love interest over his friend. Dan’s decision sends home Juelia, Clare and Megan.

A New Twist

“Boom, gone, game over,” Joe tells the cameras when Juelia gets sent home. But Juelia has a surprise waiting for her when she leaves. She’s greeted by Mikey, who confesses that he wants another chance with her to see if they have something. Juelia is ecstatic and accepts. And the other cast members are just as happy to have Juelia and Mikey back in the house … except for Samantha and Joe, of course.

Tanner And Jade

Tanner and Jade have been an item since day 1 in the house, but they finally got their first date card during episode 4A. The two hop on a private plane to spend the day in Tequila, Mexico.

After an afternoon learning how tequila is made, they get a key to spend the night away from the house. They agree to take advantage of the opportunity, and Tanner decides that he’s going to tell Jade about his feelings. He confesses that he’s scared of being in love with her and then losing her.

“I’m all in on you, Jade,” he tells her. “I’m falling for you.”

Although Jade is quiet at first, she says that the feelings are mutual and that she’s just as scared. By the time their date ends they made things official – they’re now “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.”

Trouble In Paradise For Joe And Sam

Joe sees Samantha as his future wife and mother of his children. Meanwhile, Samantha tells the cameras that she’s there 100% for Joe. However, a new arrival drops a bombshell – he was talking with Samantha for a couple months before joining “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Nick from Ashley’s season of “The Bachelorette” reveals to Chris Harrison that he wants to pursue Samantha. But will Samantha drop Joe to be with Nick? Fortunately for Joe, she’s remaining loyal … for now. Although she’s flattered when Nick asks her out, she ultimately tells him no.

Nick And Ashley S.

Sam threw Nick for a loop, but he decides that he’s not going to waste his time in paradise. He asks Ashley S. out on the date, but unfortunately Hurricane Carlos ruins their plans. With a trip to a private island out of the question, the two enjoy a romantic (and boozy) afternoon at a spa.

Nick’s having a good time with Ashley S., but he acknowledges that something is a little off about her. That’s when the cameras start a fake – but awesome – conversation between Ashley S. and the birds. They tell her to reach for the “fruit” … which is bulging out of Nick’s short shorts.

Jared’s Brutal Talk With Ashley I.

Meanwhile at the house, Jared finally realizes that he’s just not that into Ashley I. That night he pulls her aside and explains to her that he wants her to experience other things – and people – in paradise. But Ashley I. isn’t buying it.

“That’s not going to happen,” she tells him.

That’s when Jared drops the “Kaitlyn card.” Since Ashley I.’s not making the breakup easy, he says that he’s still not over his ex. Ashley I. is so upset and trying to hold back her tears that she can’t even talk. Later that night she calls up Kaitlyn to ask her what she “did” to Jared.

“What the f—k did you do to Jared?” she cries into the phone. “He’s obsessed with you.”

Worst Birthday Ever

It’s Joe’s birthday and he’s happy to spend it with Samantha. But the feeling is no longer mutual. She’s acting cold with him, and when he asks her about it she tells him that the drama is getting to her.

Joe gives her space, but later invites her over for cake and champagne. However, Samantha has no plans to celebrate with Joe. She breaks things off with him after explaining that she’s never been involved in so much drama in her life.

“There hasn’t been drama all day,” Joe counters. But Samantha’s mind is made up.

Samantha leaves Joe and rejoins the other cast members to spin her side of the story and apologize in order to make friends. Joe is made out to be the villain – but he’s got something up his sleeve. He tells Joshua that he’s ready to show the entire group the text messages that Samantha sent him in order to clear his name as the villain in the house.