joe Juelia BIP
Joe Bailey accepted Juelia Kinney's rose during episode 3A of "Bachelor in Paradise," but didn't have mutual feelings for the single mom. ABC

Joe Bailey might just be the biggest villain to grace the "Bachelor” franchise. Although fans fell in love with the Kentucky native on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of “The Bachelorette,” viewers met a totally different guy when he joined the cast of “Bachelor in Paradise” last week.

For those who missed the drama in episode 2, Joe arrived in Mexico with a chip on his shoulder. Although the group was happy to have him join them, he didn’t interact with his former cast mates and proceeded to alienate others who tried to hold a conversation with him. He even ended up insulting Clare Crawley, saying it was “terrible” that she was on the ABC spinoff series for a second time.

But despite Joe's bad behavior and poor attitude, Juelia Kinney saw something attractive in him. When he failed to find someone to ask out on a date, Juelia invited herself to go horseback riding with him. It appeared as if the two hit it off, with Joe kissing her and asking questions about her daughter back home. However, Joe revealed his ulterior motives to the camera – he wanted Juelia’s rose so he could stay in “Paradise” and hopefully meet Samantha Steffen, an alum from Chris Soules’ season of “The Bachelor.”

Mikey Tenerelli and Jonathan Holloway tried to warn Juelia about Joe, but the single mom wouldn’t listen. She gave Joe her rose -- and then hurricane Samantha blew in during episode 3A. Sunday night’s installment of “Bachelor in Paradise” ended with Juelia heartbroken after watching Joe with her friend. Relive all the cringe-worthy moments below:

'Rose Before Bros'

'Juelia Is OK'

'I Don’t Know And I Don’t Really Care'

'Debbie Downer'

'Maybe I’m Trying To Vill'

'Church Camp'

'The Older Guys'

'True Or False'

'What’s Her Name?'