Brooks has definitely been a “Bachelorette” fan favorite in the competition for Desiree Hartsock’s love. But is the Utah resident going to break Desiree’s heart in episode seven? A sneak peek at Monday night’s episode isn't looking good.

In episode seven, Brooks will be scoring another one-on-one date with Desiree, and, despite winning her affection through multiple roses, Brooks isn’t sure that they're on the same level.

“I have always felt strongly for Brooks,” the bachelorette tells the camera. “I could definitely see him as the one.”

Asking Desiree to tell him where they are at in their relationship at this point, Desiree gives him the following adjectives between “like” and “love”: stepping, skipping, running, and then finish line.

“Once you’re at finish line, you’re like ‘that’s love,’” Brooks says, smiling. “So where are we at?”

Not even taking a minute to think about it, Desiree tells him, “I’m going into a run.” Unfortunately, she says that at the same time Brooks says that he’d say they’re “jogging.”

“I feel like her saying ‘running’ was a very honest calculation where she’s at,” Brooks tells the cameras. “I’m a little bit behind in my emotional process.”

With Desiree feeling betrayed the past two weeks by Ben and James, one wrong move could send any of the men packing. Wanting to be sure that Brooks is serious about their potential future, Desiree asks him if he’s sure that he wants her to meet his family during the hometown visits. “I want to make sure that you want me to meet your family,” she tells him. “And if you’re at that point where you’re comfortable with it and you actually see something.”

So, does Brooks? The clip only shows Desiree’s potential “one” responding with an “Um.” And unfortunately his one-on-one with the cameras doesn’t make it any better. “I haven’t introduced a lot of women to my family,” he explains. “It’s just something that I take seriously. I still have questions, you know. I want to really be honest with her, and we’re not on the same page.”

Will Brooks and Desiree find themselves on the same page by the end of episode seven of “The Bachelorette?” Or will Brooks find himself packing? Catch episode seven of “The Bachelorette” on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.