Things seem to be heating up romantically for Desiree Hartsock on “The Bachelorette,” but episode six will see a different kind of fire when the guys in the house confront a new “villain,” James Case.

In episode five some accusations flew when Drew and Kasey revealed to his housemates that he overheard James telling Mikey that he had a chance to become the next Bachelor if he made it into the top four. “James is not here for Des,” one of the contestants claimed in the episode five promo video. “James said if he plays his cards a certain way he’s going to come out as the next Bachelor.”

James also reportedly said that he can’t wait to be surrounded by “tall, good-looking women that have a lot of money.” But did he actually make those remarks? Or was he being set up by his competition?

According to Mikey Tenerelli, who was sent home at the end of episode five, Drew and Kasey didn’t reveal the exact truth. Mikey explained to that both him and James were frustrated after the group date in which Brooks received the rose. Seeing Brooks as the complete opposite of himself in both looks and personality, Mikey continued that he and James were just “talking as friends talk.”

“What we said was, ‘Hey you know, we hope this works out. If it doesn’t we both live in Chicago. We’ll have a good time this summer.’ I did mention the fact that I have a boat and we’ll take it out,” he said. “It was a normal conversation. There was no mention of who was going to be the next Bachelor or anything like that.”

So, did Drew make up the story about James? Mikey insists that Drew was sleeping or “supposedly he was not sleeping,” so it’s possible he was “dreaming about being the next Bachelor himself and thought that James said that." He concluded, “But that was not said between James and I."

Whether Drew and Kasey are telling the truth or James and Mikey are, it doesn’t matter … because according to an episode six synopsis posted on WetPaint, things are going to get “nasty” between the men in the house.

Desiree and the eight remaining guys will be in Barcelona in the July 1 episode, where Drew will have a “romantic and emotional” one-on-one date with Desiree. Initially going smoothly, he’ll reportedly end the evening by dropping a bomb on Desiree -- that James is “not what he seems.” Things will continue to quickly go downhill. After a group date has six of the bachelors facing off against a professional all-female soccer team, there's “a nasty face-off between the men, as some decide to confront James about what they believe are his plans to hurt Desiree in the end.”

Described as a “heart-pounding, finger pointing and screaming stand-off,” the episode will conclude with Desiree confronting James … and making a “shocking” decision.

Only five of “The Bachelorette” contestants will move onto Madeira, Portugal, at the end of episode six.