It looks as if Juan Pablo is still bitter after his fallout from “The Bachelor.” The former star of ABC’s dating reality show took to Twitter and Facebook to relay a message to Andi Dorfman, the new star of “The Bachelorette.”

The 32-year-old Latino heartthrob published a long post on Monday evening, the same time that Andi’s season of “The Bachelorette” premiered on ABC. While Juan Pablo started off by wishing her the best on her journey, he made sure to bring up some old beef that he had with the show that made him famous.


It was seemingly supposed to be a congratulatory message with some helpful hints for the 26-year-old Atlanta beauty, but Juan Pablo ultimately ended up once again biting the hand that feeds.

“I’m GLAD to hear that now you have gone THROUGH the process, some of the things that we TALKED about while we were on ‘The Bachelor’ which to you seemed NEGATIVE, became your REALITY during 2 months of filming,” he posted. While he went on to thank Andi for being one of his girlfriend Nikki’s best friends, he then proceeded to send some shade her way.

“You were lucky Nikki was your best friend and I CHOSE her jajaja, cause if not who was gonna HELP give you TIPS for your contract before the show, and explain you VERY well what you were getting into jejeje,” the former “Bachelor” star continued.

Juan Pablo added that he hopes Andi didn’t become a “PUPPET, like TONS of other people who decided to do the show,” and that he won’t be watching her season. However the reason he’s not watching is not due to her starring on it.

“I don’t want you to FEEL that is because of you,” he explained of his reasoning for not tuning in. “I would just RaTHER wait till the END and for you to tell me EXACTLY how your experience was. I have NEVER seen The Bachelor or Bachelorette before I was on it, and watched just because I wanted to know how my AMAZING experience would be portrayed on a TV show. The results, you know IT … jejeje.”

“The Bachelor” alum concluded by wishing her luck, telling her to stay true to herself, and it not … “It’s OK.”

For those unfamiliar with Andi and Juan Pablo’s relationship, the “Bachelorette” star made it all the way into the top 3 in Saint Lucia. However her overnight fantasy suite date with Juan Pablo turned into a “nightmare.” Andi ended up breaking things off with Juan Pablo before the rose ceremony, but not before telling him off for using his second language as an excuse and hiding behind “it’s okay.”

Andi Dorfman did not respond on social media to his message.