JoJo Fletcher won’t be the only one falling head over heels in love during the 2016 season of “The Bachelorette.” As fans follow the Season 12 star on her quest for a soul mate, viewers will also find themselves developing soft spots for certain suitors competing on ABC’s hit series.

Follow the cast as JoJo’s journey to find love continues:

Host Chris Harrison

Twitter: @ChrisBHarrison

Instagram: @ChrisBHarrison

Star JoJo Fletcher

Twitter: @JoelleFletcher

Instagram: @joelle_fletcher

Chad Johnson

Instagram: @realchadjohnson

Luke Pell

Twitter: @ Luke__Pell

Instagram: @luke__pell

Jordan Rodgers

Twitter: @ JRodgers11

Instagram: @jrodgers11

Grant Kemp

Instagram: @grant_kemp

Evan Bass

Twitter: @ ebassclinics

Instagram: @theebass

Derek Peth

Instagram: @dpayth

Chase McNary

Twitter: @ cbmcnary

Colin “Coley” Knust

Instagram: @ cmknust

James Fuertes

Twitter: @ jamesjfuertes

Instagram : @jamesjfuertes

James Taylor

Instagram: @jamesmccoytaylor

Jon Hamilton

Instagram: @thejonhamilton

Sal DeJulio

Instagram: @saldejulio

Vincent “Vinny” Ventiera


Instagram: @VinnyVinsane

Brandon Howell

Twitter: @ BrandonXHowell

Instagram: brandonxhowell

Will Haduch

Twitter: @ WillHaduch

Instagram: willhaduch

Wells Adams

Twitter: @ WellsAdams

Instagram: @wellsadams

Christian Bishop

Twitter: @ mrcbishop

Instagram: @mrchristianbishop

Robby Hayes

Twitter: @ RobbyHHayes

Instagram: @roberthunter89

Nick Benvenutti

Twitter: @ NickBenvenutti

Instagram: @nickbenvenutti

Alex Woytkiw

Twitter: @ real_alexyq

Instagram: @alexander_yq

Daniel Maguire

Instagram: @danielseanmaguire

Peter Medina

Instagram: @peterjamesmedina

Nick Sharp

Instagram: @nisharp

Unfortunately for fans, Ali, Jake and James all appear to be missing on social media.

Watch “The Bachelorette” when it airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT.