Rumors had been circulating that the marriage of longtime Hollywood couple Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith is on the rocks, with the actress being seen without her wedding ring. But the Desperado star is working his charm, and it appears Banderas and Griffith may not be headed for divorce after all.

The Banderas Griffith rumors hit a fever pitch amid reports the Spanish actor cheated on Griffith, his wife of 15 years in a marriage that defies Hollywood's reputation for short unions.

Woman's Day posted a video reportedly showing the Banderas kissing another woman at Congo Bongo in Cancun back in April. Banderas is 51 and Griffith is 54.

They kissed more than once, a witness told Woman's Day. At 2am, Antonio and his beautiful blonde left together.

 There was so much chemistry that I wouldn't like to say what might've happened next. He was acting like a single man, another witness told the publication. His wife would be heartbroken if she had seen him that night.

The alleged straying of Banderas is not the first indication of a rocky marriage between the longtime couple, however.

Woman's Day said Griffith walked off the set of The Hot Flashes and quit the movie. She had a frail figure that friends said was caused by philandering from Banderas.

Antonio's begged Melanie to eat more and take better care of herself, a source told Woman's Day.

The publication said another instance of possible cheating by Banderas occurred in 2007 when the actor was promoting Shrek The Third in Mexico, where he was spotted at an intimate dinner with a mystery woman.

In light of the alleged incident in Cancun, Banderas is reportedly persuading his wife not to leave him.

He's having success on that front, according to Radar Online.

Antonio has been desperately trying to win Melanie's trust back, a source told the gossip website. He has been doing everything in his power to revive the romance -- flowers, sweet-talking on the phone, and extravagant gifts -- because he realizes that she is close to her breaking point.

Pictures of Griffith without her wedding ring recently surfaced last week, indicating her marriage to Banderas is on the rocks.

She is playing hard to get, a source told Radar Online, indicating that the ring wasn't being worn as a sign Griffith wasn't giving up easily.  She has always known how to keep him on his toes and it wasn't a coincidence that the cameras caught her with her wedding ring off! Ultimately she will probably stay with him but not before making him squirm.

The Desperado actor is desperate to avoid a divorce, Radar Online reported.

The last thing Banderas wants is a nasty high-profile divorce, the source told the gossip site.  Despite their problems he still loves her and will do anything to keep her from leaving him.