Basketball Wives LA” is returning this month for another season of drama, catfights and tears. Season 5 of the VH1 show kicks off July 17, featuring most of the cast from last season as well as a few new faces.

Brandi Maxiell, who sparked rumors she was fired after an explosive argument with cast member and executive prodcer Shaunie O’Neal, confirmed she was returning to the show last month, telling Radar Online that Shaunie had a change of heart. “You’ll see how everything plays out,” she teased. “But we definitely went back to bad moments … It was really intense and difficult. I had a headache for about a month filming.”

Sadly, fans won’t be seeing Mehgan James on the new season because she won’t be returning. The former “Bad Girls Club” star revealed on Twitter in May that she wasn’t coming back for Season 5. “So if you were watching for me, don’t lol Bc I’m not going to be on there,” she wrote.

To get fans excited for Season 5, VH1 released a supertrailer teasing everything that’s in store for the group, and of course that incudes drinks getting tossed and lots of tears. Check out 10 OMG moments from the extended trailer below.

Brandi’s Return To Los Angeles

Brandi isn’t going to let her argument with Shaunie keep her away from L.A. In the video, Brandi is seen talking to her friend, Duffey, about her and Shaunie’s altercation last season and Duffey encourages her to return to L.A. Tami Roman thinks Brandi owes Shaunie an apology, but Brandi sees no reason for her to utter the words “I’m sorry.”

Brandi And Shaunie Fighting… Again

It seems that Brandi refusing to apologize rubs Shaunie the wrong way and causes even more tension between them. At one point in the trailer they start arguing again. “I don’t care what’s going through Brandi’s mind,” Shaunie tells the camera, while Brandi declares that she’s here to stay.

Duffey Makes Her Debut

Brandi introduces her friend, Duffey, to the ladies but Malaysia Pargo isn’t too happy about her BFF bringing someone else around. In the clip Malayasia bluntly tells Brandi that she doesn’t “really like” Duffey all that much and would rather not be around her.

Malaysia Gets Into A Nasty Fight

The trailer shows Malaysia showing up to an event wearing sweats, no makeup and her hair pulled back into a bun because she’s apparently ready to fight somebody. Who Malaysia plans on confronting isn’t revealed, but we have a feeling it’s not going to be a friendly meetup.

Angel Brinks And Malaysia Fighting

Malaysia and Angel Brinks still haven’t squashed their feud from last season, and are seen arguing with each other in the trailer for Season 5. At one point, Angel Brinks tells the camera that she knows Malaysia started their beef but she plans on finishing it.

Angel Love Makes Her Debut

Even though her last name is Love, newbie Angel Love is definitely not making the other ladies feel all warm and fuzzy. In the trailer, Angel Love is seen arguing with Duffey and somehow Angel Brinks and Malaysia are involved. Angel Love is also seen going at it again with Duffey during a lunch with Jackie Christie.

Jackie Christie Wants To Slim Down

Jackie is on a mission to get in tip top shape, and undergoes some type of procedure she says makes it feels like she’s about to poop her pants. Apparently, Jackie also needs to cut back on her drinking because of something involving her liver.

Relationship Troubles

Brandi and Jason Maxiell are still trying to see if they could work things out and get back together but Brandi is hesitant about giving her ex-husband another chance. Tami and her man are also going through a rough patch because he wants kids, but Tami isn’t sure she can have anymore because of her age.

Jackie Is Still Being Messy

At an event with the girls Angel Brinks is confronted by a woman who claims she slept with Angel’s ex. The woman claims Jackie told her to tell Angel about the rendezvous, and of course Angel gets upset and leaves. She later confronts Jackie about the situation and through tears says that Jackie should have had her back.

Tami And Duffey’s Nasty Fight

Malaysia isn’t the only one who’s ready to fight somebody in the trailer; Duffey and Tami don’t seem to be getting along. “When I do see her again,” Duffey says hitting her fist against her hand in a punching motion. Later in the trailer Tami is seen pushing Duffy. “I’m definitely going to end up in jail,” Tami says. The teaser ends with security trying to separate Duffey and Tami as they throw punches and drinks at each other.

“Basketball Wives LA” returns Sunday, July 17 at 9 p.m. EDT on VH1.

Basketball Wives LA Season 5 trailer
See the most jaw-dropping moments from Brandi Maxiell and her cast mates in the “Basketball Wives LA” Season 5 extended trailer. VH1