'Battlefield 3' will briefly go offline for PC on Thursday for an hour-and-a-half at 8 am while a new patch is installed. The updates include a number of tweaks to the battlefield gameplay and to balancing. The patch will also bring new rent a server functionality for PC players and fix some of the bugs and glitches which plague the game. See the full list of changes here.

The new was announced on Twitter by Daniel Matros, the global Battlefield community manager at Dice, who posted a message to the social networking platform earlier today, writing PC patch has a date which is tomorrow. Coming in hot we will go into maintenance mode from 9-11:30 CET. More details coming on the blog.

There's still no word on when the Battlefield 3 patch updates will come to the Xbox 360, and they were already released for the PlayStation 3 on Tuesday, March 27.

The PC updates come after continuous delays, mainly because of the decision by DICE to release the patch in one big dump rather than through incremental smaller updates.

Speaking to PC Gamer, executive producer Patrick Bach expressed his own frustrations but explained the rationale behind the decision.

There are benefits to it, because you get proper testing, he said. There's a lot of process that is there to guarantee a great gameplay experience.

Explaining DICE's particular issue, he noted that the scope of the Battlefield franchise is what is slowing down thee updates.

Our problem with support is we have a very big and complex game, so if something needs to be fixed, we need to be sure that it doesn't break something at the other end and again, like I said, we don't want to do emergency fixes to compensate for a problem in a specific area.

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