The Oct. release of Battlefield 3 came with more than just sniper rifles and new maps .The third installment of the gaming franchise, which sold five million copies in its first week, was blasted for numerous server issues and gameplay problems.

Now almost exactly 4 months later, developer DICE released a list of upcoming overhauls and changes, correcting glitches and catering to the complaints of the Battlefield community. Improvements will be present in various aspects of the game, including general gameplay fixes, vehicle fixes, adjustments to weapons and their accessories, and changes involving the team deathmatch mode and the squad deathmatch mode.

Better late than never, for those who still play it, wrote VentureBeat's Sebastian Haley.

Gamers may be wondering why a game with so many glitches and issues would have been released for sale, but this could be attributed to its competition. Modern Warfare 3 was released only a couple of weeks later in early November, selling more than 6.5 million copies in its first 24 hours.

Fans seem to be pleased with the list of almost 300 adjustments that the first person military shooter will be seeing soon, and took to Twitter to share the news.

Reading the #Changelong for @Battlefield 3...I'm thoroughly impressed. I love how they just KNOW what we want. Please release this patch! one user tweeted.

Wow, no I can see why the next BF3 patch is taking so long--check out the massive change list, wrote another player.

As the holiday season drew near this past Nov., countless comparisons were drawn between the two shooters. With each bearing its own strengths and weaknesses, this updated patch could be the driving force to finally push conflicted players over the edge.

No release date for the new patch has been confirmed for the Xbox 360, Play Station 3 or PC.