At least one member of the legendary 1985 Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears will not be going to the White House as a guest of President Barack Obama.

Hall of Famer and former Bears defensive tackle Dan Hampton said he is not a “big fan” of Obama and has no intention of going to Washington D.C. on October 7.

Hampton, who was named to the Hall of Fame in 2002, was also peeved that family members weren’t invited.

“No family, no kids,” he told Mully and Hanley. “How do you go to the White House, and you tell your kids and your wife, ‘Oh, well, I’m sorry. You’re not invited.’ It doesn’t matter for you.”

While NFL championship teams are regularly feted by the President after their victories, the Bears planned soiree at the White House was cancelled due to the tragedy of the destroyed Challenger space shuttle two days after the Super Bowl.

Obama, a huge Bears fan, wanted to rectify that by honoring the Super Bowl team 25 years later.

“It’s my own personal choice,” Hampton told “The Mully and Hanley Show” on WSCR radio show in Chicago earlier in the week. “I’m not a fan of the guy in the White House, and, hey, it was 25 years ago. Let it go.”

Ironically, the coach of that famous team, Mike Ditka, a diehard conservative Republican who considered running against Obama in an Illinois senate race, is happy to attend.

“I’ll be happy to go — I’m excited to go, the Bears are excited to go,” Ditka told ESPN radio last week. “It’s going to be a nice deal to be recognized and have the country say, these guys were good football players — these old guys were pretty good.”