Hundreds of studies are released every day. And some can be pretty eye-opening. For example, did you know that Washington, D.C., is the most stressed-out city in America? But for the most part, studies just put a science-approved label on things we already know. Below, our five favorite obvious studies released today. 

1.    Beer Goggles Are Real

Forget the diets, the clothes and the makeup, science finally proved the cause of the walk of shame: alcohol.  According to a new study from the University of Bristol’s Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group (TARG), the best way to make yourself more attractive to your gender of choice is with booze. The study asked volunteers, some under the influence of alcohol and others who took a placebo, to rate the attractiveness of 20 male faces and 20 female faces. Apparently, those who were liquored up gave out higher attractiveness ratings across the board.

2.    French People Are Homophobic

SOS Homophobie released a study today saying there was a 78 percent increase in homophobic incidents in 2013. Well, gay marriage in France was just legalized, but in March, more than 300,000 people took to the streets to fight the bill, saying it would destroy the institution of marriage.

3.    The Middle East Is Anti-Semitic

According to a study released Tuesday by the Anti-Defamation League, anti-semitism is a global problem, with a high concentration in the Middle East. While this comes as no shock at all, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip had 93 percent of people who agreed with six of the 11 negative statements about Jews. Runners-up included Iraq, with 92 percent, and Iran, with 56 percent.

4.    People Watch Video Online

In a "groundbreaking" study, comScore said that nearly 88 million people watched online video on a daily basis in March. This isn't surprising, considering that in 2013's fourth quarter, more than 2.3 million new Americans signed up for Netflix. A few weeks ago, a simple YouTube video advertising “The World’s Toughest Job” got almost 20 million hits. Lest we forget the First Kiss video that cheated its nearly 82 million viewers into believing that strangers are all beautiful and romantic. Also, we’re not sure if porn counts in this study, but that would definitely raise the number of online video watchers.


5.    Circumcision Is Pretty Simple

According to what LiveScience described as “large new study,” less than 0.5 percent of boys develop complications because of circumcisions. The study used medical records for 1.4 million boys who were circumcised between 2001 and 2010 in the U.S. The procedure has been around since about 2400 B.C., so thankfully, in 2014, researchers found out it was safe.