Urban life is known to be stressful, but some cities are more nerve-racking to live in than others. Real estate blog Movoto.com looked at factors that make city life stressful and ranked the 50 largest U.S. cities accordingly. Their scoring system was based on commute time, unemployment rate, cost of living, crime rate, length of workweek, population density, and percentage of income spent on rent.

The results put Washington, D.C., at the top of the list, with New York City and Miami ranking second and third, respectively. Los Angeles rounded out the top 10, with Atlanta not far behind -- though it had the second-highest crime rate. Check out the map below to see exactly how each city ranked.

In some cities, it's the exorbitant rents that get residents' blood boiling. Unfortunately, unless you live in Honolulu, rents just continue to rise. According to Zillow, a real estate network that tracks housing markets and rental prices in its Zillow Rental Index, the year-over-year numbers for these stressed-out cities is only increasing:

Looking to de-stress?

The lowest-scoring cities on the list are:

41. Paradise, NV

42. Irvine, CA

43. Houston, TX

44. New Orleans, LA

45. Portland, OR

46. Cleveland, OH

47. Bakersfield, CA

48. Tampa, FL

49. Irving, TX

50. Charlotte, NC