Belgian police have arrested two people on suspicion of plotting attacks in Brussels on New Year’s Eve, according to reports Tuesday. The suspects were allegedly planning to organize attacks in “emblematic places” in the Belgian capital, prosecutors said, according to a report by Russia Today (RT).

The anti-terror raids by the police took place on Sunday and Monday in Brussels, the eastern Liège province and the Flemish-speaking Brabant region in central Belgium. Military clothing and propaganda materials were seized in the raids, according to BBC. However, no weapons or explosives were found, Associated Press reported.

Six people were detained during the operation, of whom four were released later, the RT report added. It has not been specified if the suspects are male or female.

“Our investigation revealed serious threats of an attack on symbolic places in Brussels during the celebrations for New Year's Eve,” the prosecutors said in a statement, Reuters reported.

According to prosecutors, the two suspects who were arrested did not have any direct links with the terror attacks in Paris last month that killed 130 people. Belgium has been on high alert since those attacks, especially since many of the attackers involved are believed to have been based in Belgium.