Just in time for the weekend, United States President Barack Obama announced Friday he was nixing the limits on Americans bringing rum and cigars back on their trips to Cuba.

In keeping with the White House's push to normalize relations with the island nation, the Treasury Department changed its regulations to remove "monetary value limitations on what authorized travelers may import from Cuba into the United States as accompanied baggage," it wrote in a news release. Previously, Americans could only return with $100 worth.

"Alcohol and tobacco products" for personal use are included in the new policy, which is good news for not only for Obama, a cigar fan, but also for rum lovers everywhere. If you've got a plane ticket and a fresh paycheck burning a hole in your pocket, here are five of the most famous Cuban rums to try:

1. Santiago de Cuba 11 Años. The Cuba Journal's food team declared this rum the best in Cuba last November, which sounds like an endorsement you can trust. The bartender fallback is "full and spicy" with flavors like caramel, molasses, honey and cedar, according to Havana Insider

2. Havana Club 7 Años. Bloomberg has called this rum "a holy grail for American rum-drinkers." The rich, vanilla-influenced drink has dozens of five-star reviews on thewhiskyexchange.com, where one reviewer declared it the "best rum I have ever sipped."

3. Ron Cubay Anejo. The reviewer at the RumDiariesBlog wrote that he once "forgot to mix it with anything and continued to sip glass after glass, enjoying each one more than the last." You'll taste vanilla at first and then sugar and fruit before finishing with leather, according to Drinks Enthusiast.

4. Havana Club 15 Años Gran Reserva. This rare rum "will please even the most particular palates," according to thedrinkshop.com. Its smell is peppery and its finish is tropical, with flavors like spice and dark brown sugar, according to Master of Malt. Reviewers recommend you drink it with a Cuban cigar.

5. Legendario Ron Anejo. This blended rum is "like a rum and a cigar at the same time," according to one RumRatings reviewer, and tastes like toffee, cherries, papaya, according to the Lone Caner. The drink has Muscatel wine in it and "just the right amount of oakiness," the Rum Howler Blog wrote.