If the reports are true this time around, then pregnant singer Beyonce, who is rumored to be due on Jan. 4, could be giving birth today.

The very private singer only recently announced her pregnancy in August, at the MTV Video Musics Award. Following the announcement that she was expecting her first child with rapper husband Jay-Z there were speculations that Beyonce was to due to give birth in February.

However, in September, Beyonce hinted that her due date could be earlier when she told fans during a scene from her Live at Roseland: Elements of 4 DVD that she was actually six months pregnant. She was on the set of her Countdown video when she shot the scene.

Hello! its September 23rd. Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby! ... This was on the cover of The Daily News, Beyonce said, holding a newspaper with a picure of her baby bump on the front. Right now I'm actually shooting the video for Countdown and I'm six months pregnant, pretending that my stomach is flat in body suits. But thank God that you can't really tell from the front. But when I turn to the side ... Oh baby! Oh baby!

It was rumored last week that Beyonce had already given birth to a daughter name Tiana May Carter. However, she was seen on New Year's Eve dining out with Jay-Z in Brooklyn, and was still very pregnant. (Might we add she was wearing some killer high heels.)

Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles shot down the rumors that her sister has given birth when she tweeted on New Year's Day, Shout out to my sister for being The cutest pregnant woman ever! according to ContactMusic.com.

A source also confirmed to People magazine that Beyonce was still very much pregnant.

She was definitely a pregnant lady that night (New Year's Eve), the source said. They sat side by side and had a cosy and intimate dinner. They seemed to be having a lovely time.

This week, MediaTakeOut.com reported that a source close to Beyonce's family has informed them that the singer will be giving birth today (Wednesday morning). The source told MediaTakeOut that he or she will be taken to the hospital to be a part of the child birth.

It was rumored last week that Beyonce was preparing to go to St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital in New York City to give birth and that nurses and security were put on alert because a high profile client was coming in.

However, MediaTakeOut has since reported that Beyonce and Jay-Z have been freaked out over those reports and are now keeping details of the birth confidential, as they are worried there could be a security threat.

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