Beyonce does not look good after having given birth just 10 weeks ago, she looks absolutely amazing. But is it a bit too amazing for some people? Beyonce now faces a second round of fake pregnancy rumors from skeptics who claim she did not actually give birth to baby Blue Ivy Carter.

The 30-year-old singer stepped out on Monday night for a President Obama fundraiser dinner, hosted by the First Lady, with husband Jay-Z. Beyonce wore a navy, curve-hugging Victoria Beckham dress that showed off every inch of her post-baby figure.

Jaws dropped and questions arose. Did Beyonce really give birth to Blue Ivy on January 7? How does she look so amazing? Did she use a surrogate?

Fake Youtube Pregnancy....did beyonce [sic] take notes from her? tweeted LipstickAlley. Saw pics of beyonce [sic] at a recent function. Looking skinnier then ever. Will the real surrogate please stand up! tweeted user @Mohomed. [I] still think Beyonce has a fake baby, tweeted user Eden Munoz. It's 2012. Beyonce had a fake bumpy bump, nobody would care if she was just honest..... people Do what u wanna Do. Just be honest, wrote Twitter user @iLuVyouuSarah.

A source told Star magazine that the new mama's weight loss can be attributed to trainer Marco Borges, who has her doing two-a-days plus following a strict diet. Her diet reportedly includes protein shakes, egg-white omelets, pineapple chunks, and lots of ice-cold water. Her exercise regime is no less intense. Beyonce and Marco are up at 5 a.m. for a two-hour workout, and they do it again at 5 p.m., the source told Star. They do a mix of cardio, Pilates, plyometrics, yoga and, of course, dance.

Beyonce has had to face surrogacy rumors before. After announcing she was pregnant in August at the MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce appeared on the Australian talk show Sunday Night HD for an interview. Beyoncé's stomach seemed to collapse when she sat down. The singer's baby bump folded in on itself, causing many to speculate if she was actually wearing a prosthetic belly. Click here to watch the strange incident.

Rumors of the singer and her husband using a surrogate to carry their first child continued to swirl before the birth of Blue Ivy Carter.

Then, after the little girl was born, rumors reignited when the couple released the first photos of Blue Ivy on Tumblr. With fame comes scrutiny, and no couple is as famous as Beyonce and Jay-Z, otherwise known as music royalty. The release of the photos flared rumors that Beyonce used a surrogate to carry and deliver her baby. Commentators questioned everything from the race of the baby to her hair to Beyonce's post-pregnancy body.

That is a typical Hispanic/Latino baby. Now I believe the surrogate stories!!! posted a reader named Wendy on ABC News' blog post. Beyonce get REAL. This is not yours! wrote another.

I saw those photos of Blue Ivy Carter -- that is some South Asian looking hair, Tweeps, tweeted Broadway actress and screenwriter Erin Quill. When someone joked that Blue Ivy Carter does not look like Bobbi Kristina (Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter), Quill responded: She doesn't look like a Carter or a Knowles either.

I see a whole lot of Mama Tina and even a drop of Ashanti (that's for all you pillow baby conspiracy theorists), wrote celebrity blogger Michael K. I also see a little bit of my Salvadoran tia after she got all her hair chopped off at Supercuts, but that's a story for another day. Speaking of hair, that baby has so much of it! That baby's hair is laid like Jesus. Or she could already be fooling us all by having the best lace front in the game.

Now, people are crying fake pregnancy yet again.

TMZ poked fun at the surrogacy rumors with a video clip about Beyonce's fantastic post-baby body and the conspiracy theories plaguing her. Who killed JFK? Where's Hoffa buried? Did Beyonce really give birth? Mysteries that may never be solved! Except she totally had that baby -- though she IS oddly thin already. Hmm ... wrote TMZ. Check out the hilarious TMZ clip here. 

What do you think of the Beyonce fake pregnancy rumor? Is it wildly unnecessary or does it come with the celebrity territory? Leave your feedback in the comments section below.