Beyoncé was supposed to perform at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve 2012 in New York City on Saturday night, but co-host Ryan Seacrest announced that she could not make it because she's about to give birth.

Obviously, Beyoncé couldn't be here tonight because she's about to give birth to her first child, Seacrest said. A pre-recording of her performing I Was Here in London played instead.

Beyoncé's pregnancy has been covered with a shroud of mystery since she announced she was with child back in August.

Beyoncé, who is expecting her first child with husband Jay-Z, announced that she was pregnant in August while on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards. She opened a sparkly blazer to reveal a baby bump, highlighted by high-waisted trousers.

The next month, she stated: It's September 23rd. Right now I'm actually shooting the video for 'Countdown' and I'm six months pregnant!

Next, the most bizarre occurrence happened. In October, during an interview on the Australian talk show Sunday Night HD Beyoncé's stomach seemed to collapse when she sat down. The singer's baby bump folded in on itself, causing many to speculate if she was actually wearing a prosthetic belly. Click here to watch the strange incident.

Rumors swirled that the 30-year-old was actually using a surrogate in order to stay in shape for an upcoming tour.  

The rumor mill churned again just last week with reports that Beyoncé had actually given birth at New York's St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital. Some said that she had booked an entire wing of the maternity ward where she gave birth to a baby girl named Tiana May Carter. This, of course, proved to be another falsehood.

In an interview with Katie Couric, Beyoncé said that the rumors do not bother her. She also denied the gossip about her pregnancy cravings -- including ice cream with hot chili sauce. No it is not [true]. I was on a plane and the flight attendant came and was like, 'I have your hot sauce and pickles and bananas.' I was like, 'That is absolutely disgusting, what are you doing?' He's like, 'I read it on the Internet.'