Only the best for Blue Ivy Carter!

Beyonce is spotted frequently out with the famous red-bottomed Christian Louboutin shoes on and now reportedly she wants a pair for her daughter, Blue Ivy, to match her.

The mother daughter duo have been seen out on a number of occasions and each time their fashion choices make headlines. Recently the two were spotted out with matching shoes. Beyonce was wearing Charlotte Olympia cat flats which retail for $660 and Blue Ivy had on Little Marc Jacobs mouse flats which retail for $66.

If Beyonce commissions Christian Louboutin to design shoes for Blue Ivy, she will be the first and only baby with a pair.

Christian Louboutin shoes sell for around $1,200 a pair and are a favorite among Hollywood fashionistas. They are routinely referred to as red bottoms.

Blue Ivy is quickly becoming one of Hollywood's most fashionable babies.