American singer Beyonce Knowles, whose pregnancy was most ardently followed and covered by global media, finally gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday evening. The Internet has since been flooded with well-wishers, fans and friends, including fellow singer Rihanna, who have congratulated the couple on the arrival of their daughter, who has been named Ivy Blue Carter.

Beyonce and her husband, fellow musician Jay-Z, were married in 2008.

The singer checked into a New York City hospital on Friday night; the baby was born on Saturday, after a C-section. The mother and her daughter have both been reported to be healthy and in good condition. Sources added the couple had booked the entire fourth floor of the hospital - for $1.3 million - for the delivery of their child.

Beyonce announced her pregnancy at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and had to suffer a string of controversies in its wake, including rumors her pregnancy was fake and a surrogate mother was involved.

Incidentally, Beyonce is the latest of several celebrities, in recent months, to have given birth to daughters; it seems a very girl-friendly season. These celebrities include Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and British signer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

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