As controversy about Lena Dunham’s “Your First Time” ad for Barack Obama continues to grow, Bill Maher has weighed in on the issue on his HBO show, calling the possibility of a Mitt Romney presidency a “freakshow.”

Maher elaborated on Dunham’s voting-as-sex metaphor that encouraged young women to cast their ballots for Obama by explaining all the ways America should avoid “getting into bed" with Romney.

Of course, Maher’s explanation was quite a bit more risque than Dunham’s.

“When I talk about getting into bed with Mitt Romney, obviously I don’t mean literally,” Maher said on “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday, according to Raw Story. “Please, Mitt Romney doesn’t even know what a b--- job is. He thinks it’s something the Pep Boys do to clean out your carburetor.”

Maher continued, “No, what I’m trying to do is make an analogy to that old public-service announcement about how when you go to bed with one person, you’re not just going to bed with him, you’re ...  well, it’s like that with Mitt." As a result, he said, "If the Mitt-mobile rolls into Washington, it’ll be towing behind it every anti-intellectual, anti-science freak show."

After making the direct comparison to Dunham’s video, Maher explained the “bull----” that America has not had to endure since Obama took office.

“Now I understand having issues with Obama,” Maher said, “but stop to think [about] all the crap we haven’t had to deal with in the last four years. Anybody remember Terri Schiavo? Obama isn’t perfect, but he never turned the entire federal government into a Jesus freak episode of ‘House,’ and he doesn’t have an attorney general like John Ashcroft who covered up a statue at the Justice Department because it was showing too much t-t -- like it was Janet Jackson. I’m just saying, last four years -- no crises about boobies.”