BJ's Wholesale Club is a membership warehouse where customers can save more than 30% off supermarket prices. It turns out that BJ's is also a place that customers can turn to if they're looking for a human torso.

 On Friday the BJ's Wholesale Club headquarters in Westborough, MA received an unexpected shipment. Due to a shipping error, a human torso that was supposed to be headed to a research lab in Florida ended up in the hands of employees at BJ's headquarters.

They started opening the package and they saw the description of what they were opening, that it was a torso of a female, Sgt. Jonathan Kalagher of the Westborough Police told WBZ NewsRadio. They never saw the torso. They saw there was packaging and some type of gel. They immediately notified their supervisor.

The package had been postmarked in New Jersey, but the shipping label led the package to BJ's, reported MSN. It was a misdirected package, said Sgt. Glenn McLeod. It really had nothing to do with BJ's. Marked as perishable, the body reportedly wasn't damaged because it received immediate attention. Once the supervisor had been notified, BJ's then had the torso shipped to the lab it was intended for, reported the Metro West Daily News.

Personal finance gurus Ken and Daria Dolan made a list of items not to buy from BJ's. Included in their list were gasoline, fresh produce, jewelry and designer clothes among other items. I think it's safe to say that human torso could be added to their list of worst stuff to buy at BJ's Club.