Google has revealed its discounts as part of Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer price cuts on tablets, smartphones, Chromecasts and smartwatches.

The deepest discount comes for one of the older products on sale in Google's official online store, with the Nexus 9 tablet, which was launched over a year ago, seeing a cut of $200, which means that the 8.9-inch tablet now costs $199 -- even better than HTC's own Black Friday deal, which took 40 percent off the asking price.

A much newer product is the Nexus 5X that was launched just last month and Google has taken a significant $80 off the asking price, which means you can now pick one of these Android Marshmallow phones for $299. There are similar deals available from other retailers with B&H offering the same price drop plus a $25 gift card.

Elsewhere, Android Wear smartwatches are also getting discounts, with the Huawei Watch available for up to $100 off the normal asking price of $399 for the black model, or $80 off the silver model. LG's G Watch Urbane (the second model of which was oddly pulled from the market this week after just six days on sale) is available for $70 off, bringing the price down to $279.

The company's new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio are also given discounts, with Google offering a two for $50 deal and you can mix-and-match depending on your needs. There are also $50 discounts available on a range of Chromebooks from Asus and Acer, which means you can pick one up for under $120.

Google's smart home division Nest is also offering some deals, with $30 off the Nest Cam while anyone buying the third generation Nest Smart Thermostat will get a $50 Play Store gift voucher.

With so many tempting deals available many could rush into purchases they instantly regret, but to protect you Google has extended the returns date for any product bought through its online store between now and Christmas to Jan. 22, 2016.