Sales of tablets have been lagging, but retailers are hoping to move a lot of them on Black Friday 2015 with steep discounts and gift card incentives. Tablets can be ideal gifts, as well as handy devices for entertainment, trips, around the home or in a work setting.

Since its release five years ago, the iPad has become a household name, but that doesn't mean other tablets aren't worth taking a look at. Here are some of the best deals available in this year's shopping holiday.


The retailer's offers are slightly unique in that instead of getting a discount, for Black Friday Target is offering vouchers instead. The iPad Air 2 will be available with a $150 gift card, while the more recent iPad mini 4 will come with a $100 gift card. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A will come with a $30 gift card, savings which may work out to be among the best deals if there's any more purchases that need to be made at Target.


Staples is offering similar deals to Target, except the product will be offered with the money discounted on the price rather than in gift card form. A discount 64GB iPad Air 2 is available for $449, $150 off, while the 16GB model is available for $374, down from $499. The store is also offering Black Friday iPad Air deals (16GB for $319, $80 off), iPad mini 4 (16GB for $299, $100 off) and iPad mini 2 (16GB for $239, $60 off).

Outside the iOS ecosystem, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is available for $229.99, down from $299.99, while the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is on sale for $79.99, down from $139.99. The Staples Black Friday deals may be a better bet than Target's offerings, particularly if you are looking to spend little and would prefer not to deal with vouchers.

Best Buy

Best Buy has $100 off selected models of iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4, with latest-model iPads going for as low as $399. Meanwhile, the 9.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is on sale for $399, down from $499. Amazon's Fire 7-inch tablet is also on sale for just $34.99, making this a cheap stocking filler for someone looking out for an affordable tablet. The discounts may not be as substantial as Staples deals are in some areas, but if Best Buy is in a more convenient location, it may work out to be the better option.


The store is offering a 16GB iPad mini 2 on sale for $199, a $70 discount on its usual price. The 8GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is also on sale for $79, a $60 reduction. Those looking for something eeven cheaper may be interested in the RCA 7-inch tablet for just $39.99, a reduction of $20. Tablets like the RCA are a good buy for people who care little about having the latest and greatest, who are simply looking for a tablet to do some basic reading or e-mail management.