BlackBerry 10 phones, which will not be shipped until later this year, are again in the news due to some leaked images that were posted on Crackberry. The images, however, started receiving rave reviews from BB fanatics.

The BlackBerry news Web site has released some screenshots and pictures of a phone running BlackBerry 10 software.

The images of BB's much-hyped operating system show a great number of changes that have been incorporated including new user interface elements, implementation of home screen widgets on the devices, an updated icon tray with search, camera, and call buttons, quarter-screen widgets and so on.

The new screen, however, has a great resemblance with iOS, Android and Windows operating system and for the menu screen, BlackBerry maintained a striking similarity with the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.

The new UI of BB phone call icon indicates that this time the company might include the video calling feature on its devices. The feature, however, can be made exclusive for BB devices (via BBM) as it is in the PlayBooks.

BlackBerry 10, which is being marketed as a brand new and completely refreshed operating system for a new breed of BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, is based on QNX software.

Although it is yet to be confirmed whether BB will finally launch the same design concepts for the OS, the leaked images strongly suggest that the BlackBerry's image of being ancient and irrelevant is in for a makeover to match the likes of the iPhone, Android and Windows phone.