A Jonathan Geller, blogger with BoyGeniusReport, has gotten his hands on the details of yet another upcoming BlackBerry handset, revealing to the world the pictures of the all new Storm 3.

Storm 3 will come with decent specifications for those who wish to enjoy the new BlackBerry OS 6.1 running on it. It is also destined to tri-band UMTS/HSPA 7.2Mbps data connection speeds over 3G networks.

With the 800Mhz Tavor MG-1 CPU and 512MB RAM with 512MB eMMC, Apollo will be a perfect fit for several 3G countries, including India.

The front panel appears flat and glossy engulfing the Menu and Call keys on a keyboard with spaced out glossy keys.

The cellular chipset looks to be of the AT&T/T-Mobile variety in these initial specs, the phone doubles as a 3G-to-Wi-Fi hotspot, and the 5-megapixel camera will record HD videos. Even though the phone is almost all touchscreen, RIM's added an optical trackpad for some reason or another so we'll see if it brings any additional functionality over standard finger taps, reported Techland.

No word on an exact launch date, pricing, or carrier availability yet though BGR report, which only stated the Storm 3 will launch in two or possibly three versions globally.