Blake Shelton, who recently began dating Gwen Stefani, tweeted Monday that he was “single” much to his fans’ surprise. However, the country singer quickly clarified his definition of being “single.”

“One thing I have learned about being single. It is entirely possible to live off of the food I’ve received in gift baskets. Hurry Christmas!” Shelton tweeted. Soon after, his followers asked the “Sangria” about his relation with Stefani.

One of Shelton’s followers tweeted saying, “Hey we can’t help it. Kinda like you and @gwenstefani as a couple!” The 39-year-old replied with a simple smile emoji.

According to a recent report, Shelton and Stefani want to “enjoy dating” and spend time together and they were not planning to marry anytime soon.

“They are in no rush to take that step,” an insider reportedly said. “They want to enjoy dating and being together in the honeymoon phase as long as it lasts and they will start thinking about getting married down the road. No time soon though. It’s just too early.”

The couple has been spotted using FaceTime app on several occasions. However, Shelton’s ex-wife Miranda Lambert did not seem to be too happy about it.

“When they aren’t together Blake and Gwen are getting photographed Facetiming on their phones which she [Miranda] thinks is just ridiculous. They aren’t teenagers for God’s sake,” another source reportedly said.

Apart from this, Lambert was also bothered with Shelton showing off dating with 46-year-old Stefani.

“Blake and Gwen are on TV, in magazines, doing interviews and being photographed together everywhere. Miranda feels as if Blake is going out of his way to flaunt his new relationship which breaks her heart. She feels like he’s doing it to hurt her,” an insider reportedly revealed.