International pop star Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z welcomed a daughter into the world Saturday via a scheduled C-section at Lenox Hill hospital in New York. Details of their daughter's birth have been shrouded in mystery ever since the couple announced Beyonce's pregnancy at the VMA's in August 2011.

There were so many rumors leading up, in general, surrounding her pregnancy from the moment that there was a rumor that she was pregnant. Then, once she was pregnant, we saw over the last week multiple reports, and obviously the early ones are erroneous, that she had given birth, said David Caplan, who has worked at celeb magazines like Star and People, told MTV. So there was a lot of buildup to her finally giving birth. There was also a degree of suspicion, because there were so many erroneous reports out there. You had to wait a little bit to see what the conversation would be.

Rumors leaked online when the baby might be born and whether the celebrity child would be a boy or a girl. Rest assured, fans can breathe calmly today as most of their questions have been answered. The main question that remains, however, is how did the notoriously secretive couple keep most of the details of the special day a secret?

It's very common for celebrities to sneak in and out of hospitals, Caplan told MTV. It's actually very easy for celebrities to sneak in and out. There's multiple doors in and out. They use decoys. There'll be someone who looks like a celebrity. You go at different times of the night. Hospitals are also, at the same time, hotbeds of activity, so it's not like you're going somewhere really quiet.

Caplan believes the couple had all the details of the birth planned prior to the day. According to news reports, 30-year-old Beyonce reportedly checked into Lenox Hill as Ingrid Jackson on Friday night. A Lenox Hill employee told the Daily News Beyonce brought her own hospital security.

In addition to the fake name and personal security forces, Beyonce's husband, 42-year-old Jay-Z, allegedly spent an exaggerated $1.3 million to rent out the entire fourth floor of Lenox Hill hospital that included a bulletproof door to Beyonce's room.

This was a very carefully arranged, organized hospital visit. Nothing was left to chance, HuffPost celebrity columnist Rob Shuter told MTV. I suspect the conversations between her security team and officials with the hospital [went on] for several weeks. Working with big celebrities myself, these moments are very, very carefully choreographed. Not only because they want to protect their privacy, they also don't want to have a dangerous scene on their hands. Hospitals in New York and L.A. especially, where a lot of celebrities live, has people on staff that are there to make sure these things work very carefully and in a very private matter.