Whitney, Nick, and Bobbi Kris, in happier times.

The National Enquirer whipped the gossip world into a frenzy by calling Bobbi Kristina Brown's brudder/boyfriend Whitney Houston's drug dealer on its cover. But now that we can see what's inside the gossip rag, the accusation is looking a bit limp.

Daughter Bobbi Kristina MARRYING WHITNEY'S DRUG DEALER! the National Enquirer blared on its cover, continuing: - & she's having his baby.

But having taken a look at what's actually inside the issue, it seems that drug dealer is a big of a stretch.

Whitney let Nick [Gordon] use her ATM card to withdraw money, a source told the National Enquirer, so he could buy marijuana for Krissi and her.

They continued, I also remember Nick finding a supplier who'd sell him the prescription drug Adderall for $5 a pill. Krissy was taking lots of them every day. But Whitney had no idea that Nick was also using her money to supply Krissy with cocaine.

That's all you got, National Enquirer?

We have essentially two separate claims: that Whitney gave Nick her ATM card to buy weed for the three, and that Nick would also get Krissy cocaine and Adderall, a prescription amphetamine combination frequently abused by students and young adults.

Buying a little bit of pot with your kid isn't parent-of-the-year material, but as marijuana use is becoming more and more accepted, especially in the music industry, it's not exactly the most scandalous thing anymore.

Furthermore, someone who buys drugs for a friend or close family member is not a drug dealer – they're a friend who buys drugs for a friend! Enabler, perhaps, but it seems unlikely that Whitney and her Daughter couldn't score a little weed, coke, or Adderall without him.

All of which casts doubt on the veracity of the pregnancy claim, too.

But of course, this didn't stop popular black gossip site MediaTakeOut from blasting the accusations on its front page, in typical Fred Mwangaguhunga fasion: SHOCK REPORT: You Know That Boy That BOBBI KRISTINA Is Marrying . . . Well They're Saying He's NOT Whitney's Son . . . He's Whitney's DRUG DEALER!!!

Sorry National Enquirer, but this sounds like a bunch of nothing – what, did you run out of casket shots to run?