Dr. Phil really got to the bottom of one problem close to home. When the famed television psychologist learned that information about his exclusive interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon,  had been leaked from behind the scenes, he took matters into his own hands. Dr. Phil reportedly staged an interrogation of his staff in order to find the perpetrator in his employment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dr. Phil McGraw held a meeting with his staff to ask the person responsible for leaking the inside info to a British tabloid come forward. No one did, and Dr. Phil let his staff return to work. After the group had dispersed, one employee did claim responsibility for the act of informing a tabloid about the "Dr. Phil" interview. A spokesperson confirmed to the site that the staffer was promptly fired and escorted off the premises. 

The "Dr. Phil" interview with Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend garnered major attention as the 25-year-old confessed about his spate of drug problems, including those found in Bobbi Kristina Brown’s home. He also shared his guilt of her condition, but did not speak about how she fell into an unresponsive state. Gordon’s mother, Michelle, revealed her son had attempted suicide with drugs.

Adding fuel to the fire, is the tempestuous relationship between the Browns and Gordon since the incident. Nick told Dr. Phil he hated Bobby Brown for keeping him away from his daughter at the hospital. Gordon entered rehab shortly after the interview, after Dr. Phil expressed concern that the young man could end up dead without help.  He checked out of the rehab facility earlier this week.

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been in health limbo for months after she was discovered face down in a tub at her Atlanta area home on Jan. 31. Bobbi Kristina, 22, has remained in a medically induced coma since February, and although her family is holding out hope, reports say this story may not have a happy ending